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Zero-Emission Services

EquiCharge offers comprehensive services to support your transition to zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) fleets. Our team of experts guides you every step of the way, from tailored plans to long-term support. We analyze your infrastructure, fleet requirements, and operational dynamics to create a roadmap that maximizes the benefits of ZEV fleets for your organization.

Flexibility for your Zero-Emission Journey 

EquiCharge will take you as far as you are ready to go in zero-emission planning, implementation, and deployment. Choose any step above as an end-point, or pick and choose the steps that best fit you now. 

Contact us today to learn more about our holistic services and how EquiCharge can empower your organization to embrace zero-emission vehicle fleets. Together, let's drive change and shape a better tomorrow.


Our services are designed to get you through the eight steps of fleet electrification:


Set Goals

Set targets and timelines for emissions reductions, cost savings, and fleet composition.

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Analyze Your Fleet

Right-size your zero-emission fleet, identify vehicle applications best suited for EVs and assess the availability of technology on the market. 

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Assess Charging Needs

Determine your fleet’s charging equipment needs and develop cost estimates for purchase and installation.


Engineering & Design

Complete plans and designs for retrofits or new facility builds needed to support your zero-emission vehicles and charging operations.


Manage Change

Identify & control the aspects of your organization that will have to change because of the deployment of zero-emission vehicles.



Develop policies to guide vehicle, charger, software procurement, operation, and maintenance. 


Construction & Installation 

Complete your retrofits, build your new facilities, and install your charging and fueling infrastructure.



Commission and test your facilities, vehicles, infrastructure, and software to prepare for in-service operations.