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Zero-Emission Implementation

EquiCharge™ Solutions can help your zero-emission vision and plans become a reality. We have completed over fifty (50) ZEV projects and can provide implementation support in several ways according to project size and requirements.

Project Management

Every ZEV project will need management oversight to ensure it meets its objectives, timeline, cost and quality success criteria that key stakeholders and sponsors set. EquiCharge™ Solutions offers professional project management services catered to your needs.

Project Coordination (PC) Service - The project manager (PM) will use abbreviated techniques based on PMI's standards and practices. This minimal oversight provides cost control, risk/issue/decision management and communications. The effort for a project coordinator is usually between 5 to 10% of the total work effort (based on all resources assigned to the project).

Project Management (PM) Services - The project manager (PM) will use techniques that adhere to PMI's standards and practices. This will likely be required for most electrification initiatives, with the size and scope of the project dictating how much effort is required. Usually, the effort for a PM is between 15 to 25% of the total work effort of this type of project. However, more complex projects involving new technology introduction or R&D might be as high as 50% based on the work effort of all the resources assigned to a project.

Integrated Project Management (IPM) Services - Based on PM Services, an integrated approach is taken across a few co-dependent projects. For example, a transit depot retrofit project (design & build) will depend upon a  utility services upgrade project where both are dependent on a facility assessment initiative. The PM will utilize integrated services to align goals and objectives, provide an integrated timeline and detailed project schedule, and manage risks, issues, decisions, procurement and vendors to ensure time, cost and quality targets are met. This almost always requires one or more fully dedicated (100% allocated) PMs.

Program Office-based Project Management (PMO) Services - Based on several IPM packages being managed simultaneously to achieve a City-wide program delivery:

  • EquiCharge provides a program manager and as many project managers as are required to deliver the electrification program mandated by your city council or governance body.

  • A centralized PMO (program management office) is required to maintain an agile stance for the initial planning, implementation, and evaluation of a zero-emission program.

  • Our approach reduces project timelines and costs significantly.

  • Our PMO readily interfaces with all organizational branches and can ensure a smoother transition in all aspects of the program. This includes elements well beyond the procurement of vehicles and the design/build of facilities


Organizational Change Management

Organization Change management (OCM) prepares, supports, and helps individuals, teams, and organizations make an organizational change or introduce a significant change to existing business processes and modes of operation that can significantly impact operations; for example, the introduction of zero-emission vehicles as part of your electrification plan.

 EquiCharge™ Solutions provides change management based on Prosci ADKAR® Model, a results-oriented approach to managing change. 

 Prosci is based on the simple truth that organization-wide change happens one person at a time. EquiCharge provides Prosci-certified change managers on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on the size, scope and importance of meeting success criteria.

 Effective change management is required for fleet electrification, especially in areas such as:

  • Transit operator and fleet maintenance training;
  • SAE J2990-compliant emergency services for 1st and 2nd responders (such as police, fire and emergency medical services, ambulances and response protocols);
  • Changes to yard and depot operations and transit staff;
  • Impacts within unions and to collective bargaining agreements, job classification (job descriptions), especially relating to certified electronics technicians vs. diesel mechanics;
  • Low, middle and upper-level management where new business processes will be introduced, impacting reporting, key performance indicators (KPIs) and operations budgeting and forecasting.

Training: Operators, Maintenance, Operations, Support

EquiCharge offers a full suite of in-house built training curricula specialized for transit. We have staff that are training specialists, and we offer Training Plans, Curriculum, & Course Descriptions that are customized (by role) for your organization. Training curriculums are developed along with OEM input, and specialized trainers are brought in when necessary to ensure your staff receives the proper training from qualified personnel. 

We offer consolidated training packages for the Heavy Electric-Vehicle Motor certification program, which can be used during the nomination process for mechanics, and service technicians to work on the ZEB program.

We approach training as a core dependency to successfully transition to ZEB technology. EquiCharge training program deliverables include:

  • Employee Development Plan.
  • Workforce Assessment, review meetings, final report.
  • ASIS skills/competency report (transferrable, new).
  • TOBE skills/competency matrices (per job classification)
  • Assigned union representatives, with City management representation for meetings
  • Transitional Management Plan for ZEB project stakeholders
  • Change impact approach to transit mechanic job classification
  • ZEB Troubleshooting Team.
  • Implementation of Training Programs

Our training expertise reaches beyond transit staff and ensures peripheral staff members are aware and trained to accommodate new technology. For example, we can support the development of Technical Readiness Safety/Response Plans (SAE J2990 Hybrid and EV First and Second Responder Practices) with police, fire & EMS. EquiCharge works with client groups to integrate practices and procedures required for ZEBs.

Contract Services

We provide Contract Services on a rate card, including project manager, business/systems analyst, charging systems analyst, environmental management engineer, power engineer and energy storage systems analyst. EquiCharge™ Solutions can provide you with direct access to resources that are skilled and knowledgeable in EV deployments from day one:

  • Administrative Assistant (CAP)
  • Architect  (P.Eng)
  • Business Analyst (CBAP)
  • Charging Systems Analyst
  • Charging Technical SME
  • Civil Engineer (P.Eng)
  • Clerical Assistant / Data Entry
  • Data Engineer (Cloud)
  • Data Scientist (Cloud)
  • Electrical Engineer (P.Eng)
  • Energy Storage Systems Analyst (P.Eng)
  • Environmental Management Engineer
  • Front-end Engineer (Cloud)
  • Full Stack Developer (Cloud)
  • Geotechnical Analyst (P.Eng)
  • Mechanical Engineer (P.Eng)
  • Power Engineer (P.Eng)
  • Program Manager (PgMP)
  • Project Architect (P.Eng)
  • Project Manager (PMP)
  • Scrum Master (Agile)
  • Senior Technologist (P.Eng)
  • Solution Architect
  • Sr. Project Manager (PMP)
  • Structural Engineer (P.Eng)
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technologist (P.Eng)
  • UX Designer (Cloud)