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Zero-Emission Implementation

Ready to bring your zero-emission project to life? Our team specializes in efficient and seamless implementation of zero-emission vehicle initiatives. We've got you covered, from selecting the right vehicles to designing and building the necessary infrastructure. Get one step closer to a sustainable future by exploring our expert services for zero-emission project implementation.

Our implementation services span organizational, vehicle & equipment, facility infrastructure, information technology, operations, and maintenance components of your organization's zero emission transition. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn how our expertise can drive your organization toward a greener and more sustainable future. Together, we can positively impact the environment while ensuring the success of your zero-emission vehicle fleet.

Facility Infrastructure Services

With EquiCharge™ Solutions' Facility Infrastructure Services, you can rely on our expertise and comprehensive support throughout your zero-emission implementation project. From procurement document support, equipment specification, and construction management to commissioning and turnover, we are committed to delivering high-quality, efficient, sustainable facility infrastructure solutions tailored to your needs.

Procurement Document Support: Efficient procurement is essential for the success of any zero-emission implementation project. EquiCharge™ Solutions provides expert support in developing procurement documents, such as Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Quotations (RFQs). We assist in defining project requirements, preparing accurate specifications, and establishing evaluation criteria to ensure a fair and competitive bidding process. 

Equipment Specification: EquiCharge™ Solutions provides equipment specification services to help you identify the most suitable and efficient options for your facility infrastructure. Our team considers your specific requirements, performance criteria, and industry standards to develop accurate and comprehensive equipment specifications. By leveraging our expertise, you can ensure that the specified equipment meets your project goals and integrates seamlessly with your zero-emission system.

Construction Management: EquiCharge™ Solutions offers comprehensive construction management services to oversee all aspects of the construction process. Our experienced team coordinates with contractors, monitors progress, ensures adherence to schedules and specifications, and manages any changes or issues that may arise. We prioritize quality control, safety, and efficiency to deliver your zero-emission facility on time and within budget.

Commissioning & Turnover: Our expert team ensures that all systems and equipment are properly installed, tested, and commissioned to function optimally. We oversee the final stages of construction, conduct performance testing, and verify compliance with specifications and regulations. 

Project Management

EquiCharge™ Solutions offers professional project management services tailored to meet the objectives, timeline, cost, and quality criteria of your zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) projects. We provide a range of services to ensure successful project execution.

Project Coordination (PC) Services: Our project coordinator uses abbreviated techniques based on PMI's standards to provide minimal oversight, including cost control, risk/issue/decision management, and communications. 

Project Management (PM) Services: Our project manager adheres to PMI's standards and practices, which are often required for most electrification initiatives. 

Integrated Project Management (IPM) Services: Building on PM Services, our integrated approach aligns co-dependent projects. Our project manager utilizes integrated services to align goals, provide a detailed project schedule, and manage risks, issues, decisions, procurement, and vendors, ensuring time, cost, and quality targets are met. 

Program Office-based Project Management (PMO) Services: If multiple IPM packages are managed simultaneously to deliver organization-wide programs, our PMO services are essential. EquiCharge provides a program manager and the necessary project managers to deliver the complete electrification program. A centralized PMO maintains an agile stance for initial planning, implementation, and evaluation. Our approach reduces project timelines and costs significantly, and the PMO interfaces with all organizational departments for a smoother program transition, encompassing aspects beyond vehicle procurement and facility design/build. 

Organizational Change Management

Organization Change management (OCM) prepares, supports, and helps individuals, teams, and organizations make an organizational change or introduce a significant change to existing business processes and modes of operation that can significantly impact operations; for example, the introduction of zero-emission vehicles as part of your electrification plan.

EquiCharge™ Solutions provides change management based on Prosci ADKAR® Model, a results-oriented approach to managing change. Prosci is based on the simple truth that organization-wide change happens one person at a time. EquiCharge provides Prosci-certified change managers part-time or full-time, depending on the size, scope and importance of meeting success criteria.

Training: Operators, Maintenance, Operations, Support

EquiCharge offers a full suite of in-house built training curricula specialized for transit. We have staff that are training specialists, and we offer Training Plans, Curriculum, & Course Descriptions that are customized (by role) for your organization. Training curriculums are developed along with OEM input, and specialized trainers are brought in when necessary to ensure your staff receives the proper training from qualified personnel. 

We approach training as a core dependency to successfully transition to ZEV technology. EquiCharge training program deliverables include:

  • Employee Development Plan
  • Workforce Assessment, review meetings, final report
  • ASIS skills/competency report (transferrable, new)
  • TOBE skills/competency matrices (per job classification)
  • Assigned union representatives
  • Transitional Management Plan for ZEV project stakeholders
  • Implementation of Training Programs

Our training expertise reaches beyond operations staff and ensures all peripheral staff members are aware and trained to accommodate new technology. 

Contract Services

We provide Contract Services on a rate card, including project manager, business/systems analyst, charging systems analyst, environmental management engineer, power engineer and energy storage systems analyst. EquiCharge™ Solutions can provide direct access to resources that are skilled and knowledgeable in EV deployments from day one.