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EquiSIM Digital Twins

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What is an EquiSIM Digital Twin?

Digital Twins are digitally rendered environments that reflect and behave like real-world objects, physical systems, and processes. EquiSIM™ Digital twin technology involves creating a virtual replica of a physical system, such as a charging facility or network, and using it to simulate various scenarios and analyze performance.

By using digital twin technology to assess a charging facility or network, and incorporating data inputs such as routing, operational factors, and external condition information, we can gain valuable insights into how the network will perform under different conditions and usage patterns and make informed decisions about its design and operation. 

Benefits of Digital Twins for Zero-Emission Fleet Planning

Realistic Scenarios

By incorporating data inputs such as routing, operations, and external condition information, we can create realistic scenarios that accurately reflect the usage patterns and conditions that the charging network will face. This allows us to more accurately simulate how the charging network will perform and identify potential issues. 

Optimization of Charging Infrastructure

A digital twin can be used to simulate different charging scenarios and evaluate the performance of the charging network under different usage patterns. This allows us to identify potential issues and optimize the charging infrastructure) to better meet the needs of an EV fleet.

Improved Reliability

Digital twin technology can also be used to identify potential points of failure in the charging network and develop contingency plans to prevent disruptions. This can help ensure that the charging network is reliable and that an EV fleet can operate without interruption.

Cost Savings

By simulating different charging scenarios and optimizing charging infrastructure (i.e. determine where Level 1, 2 or DCFC chargers are needed), we can identify opportunities for cost savings. For example, we may be able to reduce the number of charging stations needed, or use more efficient or lower-power charging equipment, which can result in significant cost savings over time. 

Future Planning

Digital twin technology can be used to simulate the performance of the charging network over time, allowing us to anticipate future needs and plan for expansion or upgrades as necessary. This also allows us to emulate smart charging systems that can help you better manage your energy use and electricity costs. 

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How EquiSIM Works

Using EquiSIM, our team at EquiCharge Solutions will build a digital twin of your fleet yard, depot, or vehicle network. EquiCharge maps vehicles, charging/fueling infrastructure, service schedules, and operational process flows into Digital Twins to assess the conditions required for a transition to zero emissions, set goals, and optimize investment for the future. 

Utilize your service schedules, fleet data, and much more to run a 'what if' analysis on operations with Zero Emission Vehicles (staged based on your funding and vehicle replacement plans). We run various scenarios to assess current conditions, prioritize improvements and develop resilience in your facilities and fleets. EquiCharge Solutions provides support and consulting services for your digital twin across the entire project cycle.

A Digital Twin built-in EquiSIM provides an unparalleled interface to turn data into decisions.

Why Build a Data-Driven Digital Twin?

Generate and validate a constraints-driven replica of your operations. Data-Driven Digital Twins behave and react similarly to real-world operations in a digitally rendered environment. A Data-Driven Digital Twin is an essential tool that you need today to justify and learn about your zero-emission transition of tomorrow.


EquiSIM provides a low-cost, high-reward environment that helps:

  • Identify and prioritize how to phase your transition to zero emissions.

  • Streamline service and maintenance operations within your facilities or yards.

  • Validate proposal details to support government funding applications.

  • Perform analysis and generate custom reports for future state planning.

  • Inform facility layout and redesign.

  • Reduce operational costs and risks.

  • Prioritize & manage improvements and organizational changes.

Keep Up With a Rapidly Progressing Industry

The Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) industry is fast-moving, with improvements and new technologies emerging constantly. Take advantage of an EquiSIM Digital Twin to capture the latest technology evolutions and make new plans to use it, or evaluate how existing plans hold up if changes are made.

Don't get trapped in procurement cycles – Periodically & quickly reassess and validate plans as things inevitably change. EquiSIM offers a quick, cost-effective, and continuously accessible tool that can be used to run sensitivity analysis and monitor & optimize your conventional operations or zero-emission vehicle deployments in real time.

Become Part of an Evolving Ecosystem

EquiSIM is part of a larger ecosystem whose features and abilities will continuously grow, adding value to your investment. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about pricing, our product roadmap, and how to accelerate your path to zero emissions.