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Digital FleetsTM


Driving the Future of Sustainable Fleet Planning & Operations with Digital Twin Technology


What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical asset, system, or process used to simulate, analyze, and optimize its real-world counterpart. By creating a detailed digital replica that mirrors the physical entity's behaviour, conditions, and performance, digital twins enable continuous monitoring and predictive analysis. This technology leverages data from sensors and other sources to provide real-time insights, allowing for prescriptive analytics, improved efficiency, and enhanced decision-making.
A digital twin bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, offering a powerful tool for innovation and optimization in various industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and urban planning.

Why Digital Fleets?

Digital Fleets™ is EquiCharge’s comprehensive digital twin platform designed to revolutionize fleet electrification planning and operations. By integrating data from your existing operations and overlaying the to-be charging infrastructure and EVs, our innovative platform helps identify how your organization must adapt to accommodate new technologies and operational paradigms. 

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Digital Fleets™ is designed to evolve with your organization, adapting plans as market, economic, organizational, and technical conditions change. We enable you to create a unique digital twin tailored to your needs, informed by an in-depth understanding of your organization and its operations. After the initial setup, the digital twin is yours to revisit and refine as variables such as budgets and technology change, ensuring plans remain relevant and effective over time.

As your organization progresses toward zero emissions, new initiatives can be integrated into your existing model, and their impacts on your zero-emission transition plans can be monitored. This continuous refinement ensures your strategies are continually optimized for current and future conditions.

The Digital Fleets Advantage

Digital Fleets™ offers unique advantages when utilized to inform and optimize electrification planning. These include:

  • Real-time Adaptability: Unlike static traditional plans, Digital Fleets™ adapts to new data and changing conditions in real-time. This ensures that your electrification strategies remain relevant and practical, keeping pace with the rapid technological advancements in the EV sector. 
  • Continuous Reassessment and Optimization: Your customized Digital Fleets™ digital twin is designed to grow with you. Once created, it is a tool you can revisit and tweak repeatedly as conditions evolve, ensuring that your electrification strategies remain up-to-date and cost-effective. Results are obtained in moments rather than months, significantly reducing the time spent on iterative planning and saving on consultancy fees.
  • Proactive Future Planning: Digital Fleets™ utilizes data analysis and machine learning to predict future trends and potential challenges while recommending specific actions to achieve desired outcomes. This proactive approach ensures that fleet electrification plans are always a step ahead, ready to adapt to evolving conditions and optimize performance.
  • Resource Efficiency and Cost Savings: Digital Fleets™ significantly reduces the time, staff, and resources required to complete fleet electrification planning. Our platform leads to substantial cost savings and improved efficiency by streamlining the planning process and enabling continuous optimization. 
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