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Planning, Consulting, Digital Twins, and Turn-Key Projects for Zero-Emission Fleets

Digital Twins for Zero-Emission Vehicle Fleets

We utilize an innovative and industry-leading Digital Twin technology to develop, model and validate Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) fleet solutions. EquiSIM digital twins are used across the entire ZEV project lifecycle. They provide an accurate, safe, cost-effective method to plan your conversion to ZEV fleets of any type, size, and composition.

In planning, you virtually "test drive" any on-road and in-depot (or yard) configuration with vehicles and your fleet schedules. Location layouts, configurations, vehicle utilization and sequencing, and refuelling will impact fleet operations. Digital twinning allows you to model these alternatives in a virtual environment, enabling you to optimize it to meet your fleet objectives.

Digital Twins uncover the nuances and needs of your unique zero-emission transition before you purchase anything.

EquiSIM is used in all EquiCharge Solutions' services, from planning and consulting to turn-key projects to reduce costs and timelines.

Our Services

EquiCharge offers complete end-to-end services that help you plan for, implement, and deploy ZEV fleets. We recognize that transitioning to zero-emission technology requires much more than buying vehicles and chargers, so we offer holistic service options that manage engineering, design, organizational impacts, staff training, software deployment, installations and commissioning, and more.

Planning Services

  • Funding Application Support
  • EV Ready Plans
  • Fleet Assessments 
  • Charging Plans & Assessments
  • Facility Assessments 
  • Charging Infrastructure Engineering & Design
  • Digital Twin & Simulation 
  • IT Assessments

Implementation Services

  • Project Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Training
  • Contract Services 
  • Procurement Services

Eight steps of Fleet Electrification

EquiCharge will take you as far as you are ready to go in zero-emission planning, implementation, and deployment.

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"Roam Transit is excited to be working with EquiCharge as we continue our journey towards a Zero Emission fleet! The ZEB Operational Modeling study currently nearing completion will help guide the Roam team as we transition over the coming years.  The expertise that EquiCharge has brought to this project will enable us to make confident, data-based decisions moving forward."

Martin Bean, CAO, Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission (BVRTSC)

"EquiCharge Solutions have been a truly collaborative partner in developing right-sized solutions for clients. Their deep understanding of BEBs makes them a leader in this field and a pleasure to work with."
Jan Kroman, Principal, Rockcliff Pierzchajlo Kroman Architects

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